Vinyl Windows Airtightness Rating is Measured in Winds Equivalent to 40km/h

Generally, fixed vinyl windows airtightness is greater than that of a operable vinyl window.

All types of fixed and operable vinyl replacement windows must undergo a few mandatory test for it airthightness, watertightness and wind load resistance.

In addition, voluntary test such as resistance to forced entry, insect screen strength and ease of operation are conducted as well if the manufacturer choice.

Consider this, the wind force which can be felt when driving at 40km/h or 25 mph is the same wind force applied to the window to ensure it air tightness.

As the air pressure is applied across the surface of the vinyl window, air leakage is measured and recorded.

The following is the rating assigned to a window that has be tested for it airtightness. The higher the rating the smaller amount of air that was measure leaking as the wind pressure was applied to teh surface.

Window Installation The professional installation of a vinyl window ensure that the windows will leak minimal air as a result of unleveled or poorly seal rough openings.
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