Vinyl Windows Replacement Must Meet Ontario's Standard for Airtightness, Watertightness, and Wind Load Resistance.

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How does the test conducted on vinyl windows any benefit to energy savings?

Residential window replacements have evolved over the past 20 to 25 years. This is about the typical lifetime of vinyl windows. As a window approaches the end of it lifetime it begins to leak more and more air indoors.

As the air leaks into the living space the energy rating of your home reduces and your energy bill increases.

This table show how the rating of a house can vary in rating from an old home to a home which use renewable and sustainable energy sources. energy star

The benefit of installing window replacement is the energy saving of 25% - 28% annually on air conditioning and the indoor comfort.

After a window is tested for it's Airtightness, Watertightness, Wind Load Resistance a letter with a number is assigned to indicate that the window meet the requirement and can be installed in Ontario, Canada.

These designation are shown on the energy star rating label. All windows leak air (more if incorrectly installed), but its in the best interest of the owner to replace or repair the windows or its seal. The reason for keeping windows properly maintained, is to reduce the amount of air chances which can occur.

What's an air change? energy star

Air changes is referring to the amount of time daily the air in a building is refreshed. This process is meant to be managed by a heating, cooling and ventilating system. But in most building with windows installed 15 to 20 year ago the windows provide the necessary air for a number of complete air changes daily. The unwanted air changes can be costly and uncomfortable to the occupance of a building.

Another way air changes for example would be; each time you open a window or a door unconditioned air enters the room. This uncontrolled air must be conditioned and re-circulated. Air changs are necessary since high levels humidity is indoor can create unhealthy problem and smells.

Let take a closer look at how each test affect the quality of the window and its impact on the energy conservation.

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