Site Plan Requirements.

Why are Site Plan requirements important? Site plan can contain lot of valuable numeric information extracted from the survey.

This information is then shown grahically. This information is important since the home builder or general contractor needs survey data when pour concrete or grading soil of a property.

Survey spot elevation as shown on a site plan help reduce the occur cutting and fill of soil and provide other information such as street name, main entrance and exit and other site feature such as tree, grass, and ashphalt.

Site Plans provides an arial view of a plot of land is produced from the information referenced from a certified survey complete by a registered Ontario Land Surveyor.

This is typically what the city building department would accept as a drawing worthy of review for construction permit approval.

  • Title block:
    • title
    • scale
    • street address
  • Site data:
    • lot area
    • area of lot covered
    • street address
  • North arrow
  • Property lot lines and dimensions
  • Street
  • Existing and proposed construction and dimensions
  • Setbacks from existing buildings to property line
  • Setbacks from proposed buildings to property line
  • Existing and finished ground elevation points
  • Existing rights of way, easements and municipal services.

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    Site Plan Drawing

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