Understanding Site Plan

The purpose of a site plan is show the contractor the extent ot the proposed. You'll also find elements on a site plan which can be existing or new.

New element are shown using solid lines and existing in broken or hidden lines. Both new and existing site elements can be drawn on the same sheet if the site plan is not complex.

A site plan can be a complex drawing to interpret.
This is how you should review a site plan drawing to ensure you make note of all the drawing elements.
As you browse the information on the site plan, pay attention to the following elements.
It will make the different between a drawing that get approved and one that do not

Site Survey Information

  • Property Description
  • This is usually provide on the site plan. It contain information about the zoning.
    As you begin to read a set of blueprints, take note of the lot number, city name, street name, and easement.

    Information about the location is important. It give the reader of the drawings an idea about the location and possible by-laws which can affect the project.

    This information is usually taken from a surveyor's plan which is registered with the local city.

  • Topography and Elevation
  • After noting the description of the property your attention should focus on the symbols like the benchmarks, grade spot elevation, street and ditch centre line culverts, sidewalks, curb elevation, catch basin, manholes inverts, and contours.

    Seldom, you'll find all these elements in the drawing, but make sure it there if it applies to the drawing.

    You should know about contour lines. Contour Lines is what describes the hill and valleys,