Considering Energy Efficient Replacement Windows

Vinyl Casement Windows

Casement replacement windows are arguable the most energy efficient operable vinyl window sashes on the market. Suitable for all rooms in a residential house and can be also assembled into a bay or bow windows configuration. Depending on the hardware a casement window can open as much as 93 degrees to allow for easy cleaning for the interior of the house.

Vinyl Casement Windows

Hung windows are available in both single and double. Hung windows are very airtight given the sliding nature of the sashes. Similiar to both single and double hung are the hardware which makes it remain hung in mid frame

Vinyl Casement Windows

Sliding windows are available in both single and double. Sliding windows are very airtight given the sliding nature of the sashes. These type of siding windows make for easy cleaning, Similiar to both single and double hung

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Replacement windows is the term used for windows which will be replacing an existing. It's a fact that windows can create comfort and cancel cold drafts indoor while while inviting natural light indoors. But today the most important function for replacement windows is it's energy rating.

Energy Rating is a standard for energy efficient product. This energy rating symbol can be seen on appliances, building material and a range of other energy efficient products.

What is the difference between a "good" and "bad" window?

Two Words..... Energy Star

Energy star rated windows and products are labeled to show it's ortentisity and energy efficient. Window and door are compliant with this standard produce a much high quality of windows.

Usually it's low end windows make it to the new home sector (new home buyers). The high end or more efficient windows are usually after market upgrades.

This is why......

For manufacturers and suppliers this energy star standard qualifies them to market their product as a product designed to conserve or reduce energy usage.

In todays energy and enviromantal crisis you would think that all window manufacturer will be compliant with standard. No..

Manufacturer as still unwilling to move from the old way of doing things (wasting energy) to the new way of doing things (saving energy).

Window manufacturing can be costly, so some of these companies refuse to improve the quality of he window they produce. Instead all these low quality windows are auctioned off for low prices to home builder who refuse to understand the reality of home comfort and energy saving to homeowners.

Here a typical scenario: A home builder was contracted to construction 100 semi detached units. When shopping for windows, the builder main criteria isn't energy efficiency but cost per window or unit (profits).

Energy efficiency homes and prodcuts are not yet part of any legislature, so until then, it the homeowners responsibilty to ensure that the best windows (energy star) are installed for the comfort and savings. More on energy star.

What this means to you as a customer things aren't good and good things aren't cheap. Save with Energy star windows.

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