Perspective Drawings Favored by Interior Designer

Before creating perspective drawings, a good understnding of Vanishing Points, and Horizon line would be helpful!

There are three types of perspective drawings two we'll cover

  • One point perspective
  • Two point perspective
  • Perspective projections can transform a flat house plans into a rendering of realistic images similar to that of our eyes or camera lens.

    Perspective Projection

    Perspective projection is a more realistic and natural of pictorial drawings. The difference between orthographic projection and perspective projection, are the converging lines that vanishish at selected points on or at the horizon.

    With perspective projection, objects that are far away appear smaller than objects that are closer. perspective drawings

    Perspective projection is a means of creating the illusion of depth in a 2D image. It is based on the observation that distance objects appear smaller than close objects. Perspective projection is perhaps the most commonly used since it gives a more realistic impression of the third dimension. Perspective projection is displaying nearer objects to be large and the far objects to be small according to the distance from viewer. Essentially, perspective projection is the way that we see things with our eyes.

    Try this! stand infront of a brick wall somewhere, now look directly at the brick wall and it mortar joints; notice how they appear parallel.

    But by turing your head to the left or to the right and look into the distant for the end of mortar joint, you'll notice they converge toward one point in the distance or horizon.

    The horizon usually represents the eye level of viewer, what this means is that objects that is completely above eye level will be above the horizon on the perspective drawing. Shapes on the ground get foreshortened. Evenly array objects appear to get closer together near the vishishing point. 3d objects drawn in perspective become distorted, with the exception of object that are parallel to the picture plane or close to it angle.

    Perspective graphics are practical tool for communicating landscape and interior design ideas. Realistic rendering of Interior and Landscape designs brings life to construction blue prints for presentation purpose. Usually the first step to understanding perspective is by learning how to draw one point perspective..... which is very easy. One point perspective is a type of linear perspective. All of types of linear perspectives include a horizon line and a stationary point (the position of the observer).One-Point perspective drawing lines converge parallel toward one point. These Parallel Perspective projections as it is called consist of

  • Horizon line
  • One vanishing point
  • Parallel lines
  • It is important to note, the horizon line is similiar x-axis line.One-point perspective is favored by interior designers for the purpose of showing interior design features with color and depth.

    Two-point perspective parallel lines converge from two determine points on the horizon. Two-point perspective has many applications for developing ideas in 3D. Go Back Home page or Top of page Perspective Drawings

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