Orthographic drawings beginner guide

Orthographic drawings are created with one or more parallel projection of any give object or shape.

As many as 6 projections can be extracted from an object to form a multiview drawing.

These view are:

  • Front View
  • Orthographic Front View

  • Rear View
  • Orthographic Rear View

  • Right View
  • Orthographic Right View

  • Left View
  • Orthographic Left View

  • Plan / Top view
  • Orthographic Plan View

  • Bottom View
  • Orthographic Bottom View

    Multiview drawings and it place in todays industuries

    I'm an Architectural Technologist, yeah your right... name for Architect Assistant. I deal with drawing all day and completing a house plan in 3-Dimension is uncommon except for rendering purpose. Architect, Engineers, contractors and people from all other design oriented jobs utilize paraline drawings to discuss design.

    The communicating the details of drawings would be difficult using 3-D drawing only. Yes, but some drawing would be impossible to visualize without the use of axonometric drawings.

    axonometric drawing

    But even with the current advancement CAD softwares Multi view drawings is still used as the main method for producing object to be made.

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