Canadian Home Designs for Woodframed Construction

Canadian Home Designs and House Plans for (platform) Wood framed construction. The complete resource on residential building trades print reading.

We'll explore the construction process; how construction house plans are prepared by the draftsperson to be interpreted during the construction process. This website will benefit the

  • Student of the residential woodframe construction industry.
  • Before hiring industryProfessionals like custom home draftsmen and builders read here.
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    What are Construction House Plans?

    Call it what you want..........

    Basement floor plan
  • blueprints
  • construction drawings
  • house plans
  • tradeprints, etc.

  • All these names are referring to exactly the same thing.....documents prepared by a designer/draftsman for the purpose of constructing a building. However, I prefer using floor plans (plans) as the general term when referring to construction drawings.

    Canadian Wood Frame House

    Understanding the basic construction process of a woodframed house is just as important to your overall understanding of trade prints reading for the construction of the woodframed house.

    Construction drawings usually consist of more than one floor plan, furthermore a set of construction drawings for a resdential house may have:

  • Floor Plans
  • Building Sections
  • Building details
  • Elevations
  • Cross sections
  • Material specification
  • Schedule
  • However, the above are not necessarily included in a set of Canadian Home plans, weather it's purchased online or prepared by a designer/draftsman. With that said, usually only architectural drawing are included in a set of Canadian Home Designs / drawings.

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