Let the Canadian House Plans Glossary of Home Building terms help!

Canadian House Plans Glossary of Home Building terms will dramatically improve your ability to communicate to members of the design and construction industry.

I've assmebled a collection of meaning and definition for words used in communicating construction blueprints on construction site and design offices for your benefit and I hope you'll make good use of it :-)

This is the single most important page on this website, and you should return throughout your learning to view term that aren't clear to you! The sooner you understand the language that contractor, builders, architect, engineers use to communicate between each other, the sooner you'll be reading floor plans.

Not what you know can confuses you but what you don't know. This glossary will help with what you don't know.

Take you time and try to make sense of terms. The next time you hear teh work it will make sense.

Yes, it a new language all together, get ready to be amazed!


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