Fundamentals of Drafting &Trade Print Reading

Do you know how to design you own floor plan? Learning the fundamentals of drafting Canadian house plans right here.

Here are some valuable resources on the basics, that will place you on the fast-track to understand and interpret floor plans.

Architectural Abbreviations reduce the clutter cause by notes.


Construction and Architectural terms and House Plans Glossary

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Architectural Drafting uses various forms of graphic representations to show building design.

Here's what you should know.....

Architectural drawings can be viewed as an orthographic drawing (2D) or a pictorial drawing (3D).

  • Perspective Drawings

  • Blueprint Reading as it called here is referring to the interpretation of Canadian Trade prints.

    Here's what you should know.....

    • Schedules
    • Floor Plans
    • Elevation
    • Building/Cross section
    • Construction Details

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