Floor Plan Requirements.

Floor plan requirements are necessary especially when applying of any construction permit. Plan should be produce for every floor which will be affeced by the construction. Floor plans shows the interior layout of the rooms at an imaginery cut about 4' above finish floor (AFF), aiding many tradesman in completing their task on the building.

Roof plans and reflected ceiling plan may all be necessary depending on he scope of the design, but these two ypes of plans are the reverse of a plan (they show what above the floor plan).

This is typically what the city building department would accept as a drawing worthy of review for construction permit approval.

  • Title block:
    • title
    • scale
    • street address
  • North arrow
  • Extent of new and existing construction
    • New wall solid hatch
    • Existing walls brick hatch
  • Location and vertical dimension
    • walls
    • windows and doors

  • Elevation of first floor above grade
  • Roof overhang dimensions
  • Roof shape, slope and finish
  • Rain water leader and eavestrough
  • Location and dimension of
    • decks
    • balconies
    • landings and height
    • porches
    • guards and handrails

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