Energy Star products Save Energy!

Think of it as Air Tight Packaging.

energy starUpgrading your existing windows to energy star recongized windows will not only save you money on you future energy bill, but it wall also qualify you to participate in the ongoing incentive programs offered by the provincial and federal goverment.

Canada's government both federal and provincial are working together to provide financial incentives to home owner conducting energy efficient upgrade to there home using energy efficient building materials

In addition, a temperary tax credit of $1350 will be availble to individual conscious about saving money on there next window upgrade.

Green House Gas EffectFor this reason its now the best time to start planning energy efficient upgrades into cost of construction.

These incentives are solely based on an energy audit. Do your due-diligence before or leave me a question. I'll have an answer for you within hours.

What An Energy Audit?

An Energy Audit is a relatively new service which a homeowner can use to determine the amount of heating or cooling is lossed due to leaks in the home.

Cold drafts is a result of leaking windows, door, skylights, and poorly insulated floor and walls.

The energy audit inspector can pin point the amount of energy being wasted and exactly where the leaks are occuring.

This type of reporing wasn't availble to homeowners 10years ago, so now this generation of energy user can be more aware of the energy retrofits and the impacting result on their hydro bill.

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