Elevation Requirements.

The elevation requirements for the designing a residential house can be alot. building elevations hold within them all the finihes which are to be applied to the exterior of the building. Elevation can be view one at a time and are usually label as:

  • Front Elevation
  • Rear Elevation
  • Left Elevation
  • Right Elevation
  • The building's elevations basically difines the look, feel and curb appeal of residential building. Height of various building element can be found on an elevation drawing with ease. Usually elevation drawing are very busy with hatch pattern describing the finish materials of the building.

    This is typically what the city building department would accept as a drawing worthy of review for construction permit approval.

  • Title block:
    • title
    • scale
    • street address
  • North arrow
  • Extent of new and existing construction
    • New wall solid hatch
    • Existing walls brick hatch
  • Location and Linear dimension
    • walls
    • windows and doors

  • Elevation of first floor above grade
  • Dimensions of roof overhang
  • Roof shape, slope and finish
  • Rain water leader and eavestrough
  • Exterior wall
    • cladding
    • finishes
    • flashing

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