Drafting Symbols are Standards Graphics used to Communicate Drawing Information

Do you know drafting symbols range from reference symbols to line type?

Here are a couple of referencing conventions. They are used to organize floor plans and cross section and building details into a numbering system for easy reference.

This convention is used to point the person interperting the floor plans to more detailed information, for example

  • Elevation

  • Cross Section

  • Building Detail

    This referencing system uses a detail numberand a sheet number.

    The (#2 above) shows the Detail number that is the second drawing on the sheet (2A) of the Architectural Set. This letter may change depending on the number of details.

    The (2A below) shows the Sheet number belonging to the A - Architectural Set. This letter (A) may change depending on the set of drawings as well as the number (2) depending on the amount of sheets in the set of floor plans.

    These are part of AIA discipline designators table. These letters represent the different building systems that may need to be designed that can replace the (A)in the sheet referencing system.

  • M - Mechanical
  • P - Plumbing
  • E - Electrical
  • D - Interior
  • S - Structural

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