Create Floor Plan that WOW's Employers and Clients

To create floor plan, you'll need an architectural drawing software , or a floor plan drawing software, to create your own floor plan.

Before begining to create your custom house plan, you'll first need to know how to show

  • Graphic
  • Dimension
  • Notation
  • Lets get into it!

    Creating a Floor Plan

    The location and width of all walls must be shown in relation to grid line, center point and/or object surfaces. When showing floor plan dimensions always remember to dimension all rough openings (window and doors) on a seperate string of dimension, then another string of dimension showing the overall lenght of the building.

    The placement and size of interior post and column must also be shown in relation to beams which there support. The width and lenght of each opening should be dimensioned and the amount of riser shown to help in establishing floor height.

    As a rule of thumb, the stairs leading to the basement or lowest level of a residential, or commerial building is all shown shorter than the other floors with a break line indicating that its been cut at the imaginary cut plane.

    Lower Level Stair
    The stair is shown in plan view and leading from the lowest level (basement) to the above levels. This should be shown exactly this way to prevent misinterpretation.

    Upper Level Stair
    The plan view stair shows the upper level stair graphic. These upper level stair consist of two partial stair. Usually an up or down arrow is attached to the graphic to help with interpretation. The down (DN) arrow show a partial part of the stairs leading into the lower level and another partial stair graphic leading to the upper level.

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