Information on Construction Permit - By-laws and Permit Submission in Ontario, Canada

Specific zoning and design requirements and other related construction permit information can be found here. I've personally complied a list of building department located in Ontario Canada. This section of is specific to residents of Ontario Canada.

By understanding the permit requirements of the building department that will be reviewing your construction documents(plans and specifications), you'll eliminate numerous visit to the building code enforcement officers.

Reasons To Obtaining a Building Permit.

  • Protect home owner interest.
  • Ensure that local zoning by laws are meet.
  • Ensure that minimum building standard are meet
  • Get technical support from staff at the local Building Department.
  • A building permit give a contractor legal permission to begin construction on your home. Some contractor may advise that this isn't the cheapest and fastest method of complete the project, but what you really need to know is who's at risk. You not them.

    ArchCADD Technology can produce residential documents that local Building Department approve Ontario, Canada have your health, safety and best interest in mind!

    Building Permits Save Time, Money.

    By obtain a building permit in you are actually reducing your risk. Since by law, municipal building inspectors are obligated to stop construction on building which do not have a building permit posted in a noticeable loaction on the property, it in your (owner) best interest to get the necessary documents to ensure that you don't lose time and money because of this mistake. Not to mention that a steep fine is the penalty for defying this regulation.

    Building Code and Zoning By-law

    Construction permit is the tool which a municipality uses to determine and regulate the construction activity in their city. This is important since each city / municipality has a offical plan for land usage for new developments.

    Zoning is allows municipal offical to manage the developemnt of the the city which reflects the municipal offical plan.

    In addition, construction permits also gives building inspectors the opportunity to review construction documents (plans, specification) to ensure compliance with all local building codes.

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