What are building systems?

A building systems are a combination of building material which jointly contributes to the overall performance and functionality of a building. Similar to the mechanical parts which combine to form a vehicle.

For the purpose of describing these systems, they will be categorize into

Foundation which comprises of the following

  • Basement foundation

  • View other topics about basement or foundation walls:
  • Footing
  • Waterproofing
  • Drainage
  • Repairs

  • Superstructure which comprises of the following

  • Building Envelop
  • Roof Structure
  • Floor System
  • In addition there are heating and ventilation system as well as electrical systems which are just as important to the functionality of a house although building science don't contribute these systems performance

    What's building science / technology?

    Just as muscles makes our human body operational and functional, building science is what makes the systems of a building perform effectively.

    Building technology provide the much needed theories and technique to reduce the effects that outdoor elements such as wind, water, and moisture have on any building.

    See how building science can prevent outdoor conditions from penetrating the building envelop which can result in decrease performance and appearance of a building envelop system.

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