Energy Efficient Building Materials is Contributing to a GREEN Environment

New building materials and new methods of construction are continuously evolving, with the changes in the environment. As the earth's atmostsphere warms up so is the action being taken to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases.

Green House Gas Effect

Notice how each room uses appliances and has windows for natural light, these are the points at which the energy is used, abused or wasted.

  • Energy is efficiently used when powering Energy Star Labelled appliance
  • Energy is abused when energy efficient light bulb and fixtures are not used,
  • Energy is wasted through poorly maintained windows and un-insulated walls
  • Window Installation Energy Star rated building products serve a vital roll in the reduction of GreenHouse Gases produce from a residential house.

    As a result when little attention is paid toward workmanship, high quality energy star materials and fenestration products can result in uncomfortable drafts.

    The picture below shows the may point of infiltration and exfiltration of air into the assembly of a residential building.

    infiltration and exfiltration of air into the envelop of a residential building

    It's a fact that residential houses and commerical building produce about 50% of green house gases into the atmosphere every year. Out of this rediculous 50% GHG, 25% is attributed to waterheater and furnaces.

    There are two options for resolving these energy problem in new construction.

  • Build smaller houses
  • Build more energy efficicent homes
  • There is also two options for resolving these energy problem in existing houses.

  • Upgrade to Energy Star Appliance
  • Improve airtightness of existing building
  • Protect and save the energy you are paying for and you would have done your part.

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