Blueprint reading: What you need to know.

Blueprint reading is all about communication. You can begin or become an effective communicator of blueprints.

For the purpose of checking construction drawings must be complete, clear and free of errors.

Missing information and flaws in the drawings making up part of the contract documents can mean problems for the owner, draftsman and contractor.

Here are some tips and techniques that will guide you as it identifies different drawing types.

You will be able to identify errors or estimate accurately more precisely after you review the items in the list below.

Tips and Techniques

This list consist of:

  • Site Plan
  • Floor Plan/Detail
  • Elevation
  • Building Section
  • Wall/Construction Details

  • Site Plan

    The Site Plan have information about existing site features such as fences and trees for example.
    The person view the drawing usually would look at this drawing first.

    Most importantly site plans show the scope (amount of work) of the development (house)to be erected on the site.

    Floor Plans and Floor Plan Details

    The Floor Plan have information about feature relating to interior and exterior of the building (development) on the site.
    Floor Plan Details give a closer look at the different wall types.

    Floor Plans shows the room layouts and names.

    Most importantly door, Windows, and partitions walls for example, are all shown on the Floor Plan from the top view.


    Elevations show where elements such as windows, door, and finish grade for example are located.
    The roof slope are shown in elevation.

    Most importantly when blueprint reading know that building material and other finishes can be viewed on an elevation.

    Building Section

    These drawings give an idea of how the building space feels inside with regards to ceiling height, and floor height for example.
    A building section is that exactly, it shows the building interior removing a section.

    Most importantly,direction of structural supporting member are shown.

    Wall Sections and Construction Details

    These drawings zoom up on parts of a drawing to show more details about method of construction.
    Most importantly wall construction details provide great insight about building assembly.

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