Architectural Drafting and Designs for Creating your own Floor Plans

Before drawing details can be created or interpreted, a firm understanding of architectural drafting symbols is necessary.

Drafting Architectural Abbreviations are commonly used term of the construction and design industry that reduces the time it takes to input notes into drawings.

Drawing space on working construction drawings is always at a minimum, therefore the shorten versions of commonly used construction term become essential to maximize and clear space for other drafting symbols.

There is a thin line between clarity and confusion that each person drafting should be aware off....

If your drawings are loaded with abbreviations, this may result in misinterpretation, so it may be necessary to include a legend on the drawing to reduce the confusion which can occur from extensive use of abbreviated words.

-A -B -C

Conventions are the itmes or graphic which are commonly used to show various building parts and information. An exmple would be the north arrow. It shows the tadesmen how hte building should be oriented.
  • Symbols
  • Each playing an important role in the communication of architectural drawings.

    In an Architectural drawings line types, views, scales and dimensions help communicated the object. Each having it place, purpose, and rules which it is governed.

    Let not forget that construction drawings are legal documents as well, therefore needs to contain information about who's responsible for its creation.

    Title block contain this information along with a boarder to creating a professional appearance.

    lets now view in more depth, how architectural abbreviations help in reading and detailing house plans.

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