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A building panel made by bonding together large,flat flakes of wood.

Waffle slab:
A two-way concrete joist system.

A wall facing, usually of wood,cut stone, or ceramic tile, that is carried only partway up a wall.

A horizontal beam used to support sheeting or concrete formwork.

An irregular rounding of a long edge of a piece of dimension lumber caused by cutting the lumber from too near the outside surface of the log.

A steel disk with a hole in the middle,esed to sread the load from a bolt, screw, or nail across a wider area of material.

Water-cement ratio:
A numerical index of the relative proportions by weight of water and cement in a concrete mixture.

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Water-resistant gypsum board:
A gypsum board designed for use in locations where it may be exposed to occasional dampness.

Water smoking:
The process of applying heat to evaporate the last water from clay products before they are fired.

A synthetic rubber or bentonite clay srip used to seal joints in concrete foundation walls.

Water-struck brick:
A brick made in a mold that was wetted before the clay was laced on it.

Water table:
The level at which the ressure of water in the soil is equal to atmosheric pressure, effectively, the level to which ground water will fill an excavation awood molding or shaped brick used to make a transition between a thicker foundation and the wall above.

Water vapor:
Water in its gaseous phase.

Wattle and daub:
Mud plaster (daub) applied to a primitive lath of woven twigs or reeds(wattle).

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Filling of voids in marbl slabs.

Weathered joint:
A mortar joint finished in a sloping planner profile that tends to shed water to the outside of the wall.

Weathering steel:
A steel alloy that forms a tenacious,self-protecting rust layer when exposed to the atmosphere.

A ribbon of resilient,brushlike, or springy material used to reduce an infiltration through the crack around a sash or door.

A cross-connecting piece,such as the portion of a wide-flange shape that is prependicular to the flangers,or the portion perpendicular to the face shells.

Web stiffener:
A metal rib used to support the web of a light gauge steel joist or a structural steel girder against buckling.

Weep hole:
A small opening whose purpose is to permit grainage of water that accumilates inside a building component or assembly.

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A joint between two pieces of metal formed by fusing the pieces together by the application of intense heat,usually with the aid of additional metal melted from a rod or electrode.

The process of making a weld.

Weld plate:
A steel plate anchored into the surface of concrete,to which another steel element can be welded.

"wet" systems:
Construction systems that utilize considerable quantities of water on the onstruction site,such as masonry,plaster,sitecast concrete, and terrazo.

Wide-flange shape:
Any of a wide range of structural steel components rolled in the shape of a letter I or H.

Wide-module concrete joist system:
A one-way concrete framing system with joists that are spaced more widely than those in a conventional one-way concrete joist system.

Wind brace:
A diagonal structural member whose function is to sabilize a frame against lateral forces.

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(rhymes with "reminder")A stair that is wider at one end than at the other.

Wind load:
A load on a building caused by wind pressure and/or suction.

Wind uplift:
Upward forces on a structure caused by negative aerodynamic pressures that result from certain wind conditions.

Wired glass:
Glass in which a wire mesh is embedded during manufacture.

Working construction joint:
A connection that is designed to allow for small amounts of relative movement between two pieces of a building assembly.

Forcing ut of plumb.

Wrought iron:
Aform of iron that is soft,tough, and fibrous in structure,containing about 0.1 percent carbon and 1 to 2 percent slag.

Wythe: ( rhmes with :scythe" and 'tithe')
A vertical layer of masonry that is one masonry unit thick.

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