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A trough formed by the intersection of two roof slopes.

Valley rafter:
A diagonal rafter that supports a valley.

Vapor retarder:
A layer of material intended to obstruct the passage of water vapor through a building assembly. also called,less accurately,vaopr barrier.

A slow-drying transparent coating.

An arched surface. A strongly built room for such purposes as housing large electrical equipment or safegaurding money.

Vee joint:
A motar joint whose profile resembles the letter V.

A thin layer, sheet,or facing.

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Veneer-based lumber:
Linear wooden structural elements maufactured by bonding together strands or sheets of rotary-sliced wood veneer.

Veneer plaster:
A wall finish system in which a thin finish layer of plaster is applied over a special gypsum board base.

Veneer plaster base:
The special gypsum board over which veneer plaster is applied.

Vent spacer:
A device used to maintain a free air passage above the thermal insulation in an attic or roof.

Expanded mica, used as an insulating fill or a lightweight aggregate.

Vertical bar:
An upright reinforcing bar in a concrete column.

Vertical grain lumber:
Dimension lumber sawed in such a way that the annual rings run more or less prependicular to faces of each piece.

Vierendeel truss:
A truss wih rectangular panels and riged joints but no diagonal members. The members of a vierendeel truss are subjected to strong nonaxial foces.

Visible transmittance:
The fraction of light at visible wavelengths that passes through a sheet of glass.

The process of transforming a material into a glassy substance by means heat.

Volume change joint:
A building seperation joint that allows for expansion contraction of adjacent portions of a building without distress.

A wedge-shaped element of an arch or vault.

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