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Unbonded construction:
Posttensioned concrete construction in which the tendons are not grouted to the surrounding concrete.

Laid without continuous horizontal joints, random.

Undercarpet wiring system:
Flat,insulated electrical conductors that run under carpeting, and their associated outlet boxes and fixtures.

A course of shingles laid beneath an exposed course of shingles at the lower edge of a wall or roof, in order to provide a waterproof layer behind the joints in the exposed course.

The floor of a firebox in a fireplace.

A panel laid over a subfloor to crate a smooth, stiff surface for application of finishing floor.

The process of placing new foundation beneath an existing stucture.

Unfinished bolt:
An ordinary carbon steel bolt.

Uniform settlement:
Substance of the various foundation elements of a building at the same rate, resulting in no distress to the structure of the building.

Unit-and-mullion system:
A curtain wall system consisting of prefabricated panel units secured with site- applied mullions.

Unit system:
A curtain wall system consisting entirely of prefabricated panel units.

Constrcuted without steel reinforcing bars or welded wire fabric.

Up-down construction:
A sequence of construction activity in which constrcution proceeds downward on the sublevels of a building at the same time as construction proceeds upward on the super -structure.

Upside-down roof:
A membrane roof assembly in which the thermal insulation lies above the membrane.

An open-top,U-shaped loop of a steel bar,used as reinforcing against diagonal tension in a concrete beam.

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