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Tackleess strip:
A wood strip with projecting points used to fatsen a carpet around the edge of a room.

A rope attached to a building component to help guide it as it is lifted by a crane or derrick.

Tapered edge:
The longitudinal edge of a sheet of gypsum to allow room for rienforcing tape and joint compound.

A metal or prescast concrete menber with a cross section resembling the letter T.

Tempered glass:
Glass that has been heat-treated to increase its toughness and its resistance to breakage.

A steel strand used for prestressing a concrete member.

Tensile strength:
The ability of a structural material to withstand strtching forces.

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Tensile stress:
A stress caused by stretching of a material.

A stretching force,to stretch.

Tension control bolts:
A bolt tightened by means of a splinted end that beaks off when the bolt shank has reached the required tension.

An alloy of lead or tin,used to coat sheet of carbon steel to stainless steel for use of metal roofing sheet.

Terrace door:
A double glasss door,one leaf of which is fixed,and the other hinged to the fixed leaf at the centerline of the door.

A finish floor material consisting of concrete with an aggregate of marble chips selected for size and color,which is ground and polished smooth after curing.

A thick roof covering of reeds,straw,grasses, or leaves.

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Thermal break:
A section of material with a low conductivity, installed between metal components to retard the passage of heat through a wall or window assembly.

Thermal bridge:
A conponent of higher thermal conductivity that conducts heat more rapidly through an insulated building assembly, such as a steel stud in an insulated stud wall.

Thermal conductivity:
The rate at which a material conducts heat.

Thermal insulation:
A material that greatly retards the passage of heat.

Thermal rsistance:
The resisitance of a material or assembly to the conduction of heat.

Having the property of softening when heated and rehardening when cooled.

Not having the property of softening when heated.

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A lateral or inclined force resulting from the structural action of an arch,vault,dome,suspension structure, or rigid frame.

Thrust block:
A wooden block running prependicular to the stringers at the bottom of a stair, whose function is to hold the stringers in place.

A device for holding two parts of a construction together; a structural device tht acts in tension.

Tie back:
A tie,one end of which is anchored in the ground, with the other end used to support sheeting around an excavation.

Tie beam:
A reinforced concrete beam cast as part of a masonry wall, whose primary purpose is to hold the wall together,especially against seismic loads, or cast between a number of isolated foundation elements to maintain their relative positions.

The portion of a multistory steel building frame supported by one set of fabricated column pieces,commonly two stories in height.

Tie rod:
A steel rod that acts in tension.

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A fired clay product that is thin in cross section as compared to a brick, either a thin , flat element (ceramic tile or quarry tile), a thin,curved element (roofing tile),or a hollow element with thin walls(flue tile,tile pipe, structuralclay tile) also a thin, flat elemnt of another material, such as an acoustical ceiling unit or a resilient floor unit.

Tilt/turn window:
A window that may open either as a casement window or a hopper window or a hopper window.

Tilt-up construction:
A method of constructing concrete walls in which panels are cast and cured flat on a floor slab,Then tilted up into their final positions.

Standing trees, a large piece of dimension lumber.

Tinted glass:
Glass that is colored with pigments,dyes, or other admixtures.

Toe nailing:
Fastening with nails driven at an angle.

An interlocking edge detail for joining planks and panels.

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The finishing of a mortar joint or sealant joint by pressing and compacting it to create a particular profile.

Top-hinged inswinging window:
A window that opens inward on hinges on or near its head.

A thin layer of concrete cast over the op of a floor deck.

Placing the last member in a building frame.

Top plate:
The horizontal member at the top of a stud wall.

Topside vent:
A water-protected opening through a roof membrane to relieve pressure fromwater vapor that may accumilate beneath the membrane.

Twisting action,turning.

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Torisonal stress:
Stess resulting from the twisting of a structural member.

The longitudinal cells in a softwood.

Traffic deck:
A walking surface placed on top of a roof membrane.

Transit-mixed concrete:
Concrete mixed in a rotating drum on the back of a truck and it is transported to the building site.

A richly patterned, marblelike form of limestone.

one of the horizontal planes that make up a stair.

A large funnel with a tube attached,used to deposit concrete in deep forms or beneath water and slurry.

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Ttrim accessories:
Casing beads,corner beads,expansion joints, and other devices used to finish edges and corners of a plaster wall or ceiling.

A beam that supports a header around an opening in a floor or roof frame.

A thin,fat steel tool,either pointed or rectangular, provided with a handle and held in the hand,used to manipulate mastic,mortar,plaster,or concrete. Also, a machine whose rotating steel blades are used to finish concrete slabs;to use a trowel.

A triangulated arrangement of structural members that reduces nonaxial external forces to a set of axial forces in its members.

Tuck pointing:
The process of removing deteriorated mortar from the zone near the surface of a brick wall and inserting fresh mortar.

Tunnel kiln:
A kiln through which clay products are passed on railroad cars.

Turn-of-nut method:
A method of achieving the correct tightness in a high-strength bolt by first tightening the nut snugl, then turning it a specified additional fraction of a turn.

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Two-way action:
Bending of a slab or deck in which bending stresses are approximately equal in the two principle of the structure.

Two-way concrete joist system:
A reinforced concrete framing system in which columns directly support an orthogonal grid of intersecting joists.

Two-way flat plate:
A reinforced concrete framing system in which columns directly support a two-way slab that is planar on both its surfaces.

Two-way flat slab:
A reinforced concrete system in which columns with mushroom capitals and /or drop panels directly support a two-way slab that is planar on both its surface.

Type X gypsum board:
A fiber-reinforced gypsum board, used where greater fire resistance is required.

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