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A longitudinal groove cut at the edge of a member to recieve another member; also called a "rebate".

Radiant barrier:
A reflective foil placed adjacent to an airspace in roof or wall assemblies as a deterrent to the passage of infrared energy.

A mat footing.

A framing member that runs up and down the slope of a steep roof.

A horizontal framing piece in a panel door,handrail.

Rainscreen principle:
A theory by which wall cladding is made watertight by providing wind-pressurized air chambers behind joints to eliminate air pressure differentials between the outide and the inside that might transport water through the joints.

The sloping of a steep roof.

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A sloping brace for supporting sheeting around an excavation.

A hydraulic piston device used for bending steel, tensioning steel strands in prestressed concrete, or lifting heavy loads.

A mechanical device with sloping teeth that allows one piece to be advanced against another in a small increments, but not to move in the reverse direction.

A tubular cell that runs radially in a tree trunk.

Reinforced Brick Masonry

Reflective coated glass:
Glass onto which a thin layer of metal oxide has been deposited to reflect light and/or heat.

A horizontal slot, inclined in cross section, into which a flashing or roof membrane may be inserted in a concrete or masonry surface.

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Reinforced brick masonry (RBM):
Brickwork in which steel bars has been embedded to impart tensile strength to the construction.

Reinforced concrete:
Concrete work into which steel bars have been embedded to impart tensile strength to the construction.

Relative humidity:
A percentage representing the ratio of the amount of water vapor contained in a mass of air to the amount of water it could contain under the existing conditions of temperature and pessue.

Relieved back:
A lonitudinal groove or series of grooves cut from the back of flat wood molding or flooring strip to minimize cupping forces and make the piece easier to fit to a flat surface.

Removable glazing panel:
A framed sheet of glass that can be attached to a window sash to increase its thermal insulating properties.

Replacement window:
A window unit that is designed to install easily in an opening left in a wall by a deteriorated window unit that has been removed.

Inserting temporary supports under concrete beams and slabs after the frmwork has been removed, to prevent overloading prior to full curing of the concrete.

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Resilient clip:
A springy mounting device for plaster or gypsum bard that helps reduce the transmission of sound vibrations through the wall or ceiling.

Resilient flooring:
A manufactured sheet or tile flooring made by asphalt,polyvinyl chloride, linoleum, rubber or other elastic materials.

A natural or synthetic, solid or semisolid organic material of high molecular weight, used in the manufacture of aints,varnishes, and plastics.

Retaining wall:
A wall that resists horizontal soil pressures at any abrupt change in ground elevation.

Ridge board:
The board against which tips of rafters are fastened.

Rigid frame:
Two columns and a beam or beams attached to one another with moment connections, a moment-resisting building frame.

A difference in elevation, such as the rise of a stair from one floor to the next or rise per foot of run in a sloping roof.

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A single vertical increment of a stair; the vertical face between two treads in a stair; a vertical run of plumbing,wiring, or dictwork.

A structural fastenr on which a second head is formed after the fastener is in place.

Rock anchor:
a posttensioned rod or cable inserted into a rock formation for the purpose of tying it together.

Rock work:
An insulating material manufactured by forming fibers from molten rock.

One who installs roof coverings.

The material used to make a roof watertight, such as shingles,slate,tiles,sheet metal, or a roof membrane; the act of applying roofing.

Roof window:
An openable window designed to be installed in a sloping surface of a roof.

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Rotary-sliced veneer:
A thin sheet of wood produced by rotating a log agianst a long,sharp knife blade in a lathe.

Rough arch:
An arch made from masonry units that are rectangular rather than wedge shaped.

Rough carpentry:
Framing carpentry, as estinguished from " finish carpentry".

Roughing in:
The installation of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing components that will not be exposed to view the finished building.

Rough opening:
The clear dimensions of the opening that must be provided in a wall frame to accept a given door or window unit.

A brick laid on its long edge, with its end exposed in the face of the wall.

Unsquared stones.

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Horizontal dimension in a stair or sloping roof.

Runner channel:
A steel member from which furring channels and lath are supoorted in a suspended plaster ceiling.

Running bond:
Brickwork consisting entirely of stretchers.

Runoff bar:
One of a pair of small rectangular steel bars attached temporarily at the end of a prepared groove for the purpose of permitting the groove to be filled to its very end with weld metal.

Run plaster ornament:
A linear molding produced by passing a profiled sheet metal or plastic template back and forth across a mass of wet plaster.

A numerical measure of resistance to the flow of heat.

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