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Package fireplace:
A factory-built fireplace that is installed as a unit.

A heavily pigmented coating applied to a surface for decorative and/or protective purposes.

A form used to produce the cavity between joists in a one-way concrete joist system.

A broad,thin piece of wood; a sheet of building material such as plywood or particleboard; a prefabricated building component that is broad and thin,such as a curtain wall panel, a region of truss bounded by two vertical interior members.

Panel door:
A wood door in which one or more thin panels are held by stiles and rails.

Panic hardware:
A mechanical device that opens a door automatically if pressure is exerted against the device from the interior of the building.

Parallel strand lumbr (PSL):
Manufactured wood components that are made of wood shreds oriented parallel to the long axis of each piece and bonded together with adhesive.

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The portion of an exterior wall that projects above the level of the roof.

Portland cement plaster applied over masonry to make it less permeable to water.

A building panel composed of small particles of wood bonded together under pressure.

An interior nonloadingbearing wall.

Patterned glass:
Glass in which texture has been rolled during manufactue.

a half-thickness brick used as finish flooring.

(Pressure Equalization chamber).

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The gable end of a roof in classical architecture.

A device for testing the rsistance of a material to penetration,usually used t make a quick,approximate determination of its compressive strength.

Performance grade:
A rating used to indicate the relative weather resistance of a window.

Periodic kiln:
A kiln that is loaded and fired in descrete batches,as differentiated from a tunnl kiln, which is operated continuously.

Expanded volcanic glass.used as a lightweight agregate in conrete and plaster as an insulating fill.

A unit of vapor permeability.

A caisson foundation unit.

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A verticle, integral stiffening rib in a masonry or concrete wall.

A long,slender piece of material driven into the ground to act as an element of a foundation.

Pile cap:
A thick slab of reinforced concrete poured across the top of the pile cluster to act as a unit in supporting a column or grade beam.

A machine for driving piles.
Pintle cap:
A metal device used to transmit compressive forces between superimposed columns in Mills construction.

The slope of a roof or other plane, often expressed as inches of rise per foot of run,a dark,viscous hydrocarbon distilled from coal tar, a viscous resin found or in wood.

Pitched roof:
A sloping roof.

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Pivoting window:
A window that opend by rotating around a vertical centreline.

Sawing a log into dimension lumber without regards to direction of the annual rings.

PLain slicing:
Cutting a flitch into veneers without regards to direction of the annual rings.

Smoothing the surface of a piece of wood ,stone, or steel with a cutting blade.

A cementitious material,usually based on gypsum or portland cement,applied to lath or masonry in paste form,to harden into a finish surface.

Plaster of paris:
Pure calcined gypsum.

Plaster screeds:
Intermittent spots or strips of plaster used to establish the level to which a large plaster surface will be finished.

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The ability to retain a shape attained by pressure deformation.

Synthetically produced agiant molecules.

A broad sheet of rolled metal 1/4 inch (6.35mm) or more in thickness, a two-way concrete slab, a horizontal top or bottom member in a platform frame wall structure.

Plate girder:
A large beam made up of steel plates, sometimes in combination with steel angels, that are welded,bolted, or riveted together

Plate glass:
Glass of high optical quality produced by grinding and polishing both faces of a glass sheet.

Platform frame:
A wooden building frame composd of closely spaced members nominally 2 inches (51mm) in thickness, in which the wall members do not run past the floor framing members.

The space between the ceiling of a room and the structural floor above,used as a passage for ductwork,piping,and wiring.

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Plumb cut:
A saw cut that produces a vertical (plumb) surface at the lower end of a sloping rafter after the rafter is in its final position.

Plumbing up:
The process of making a steel building frame vertical and square.

A layer, as in a lyer of felt in a built-up roof membrane or a layer of veneer or veneers in plywood.

A wood panel composed of an odd number of layers of wood veneer bonded togeher under pressure.

The process of applying mortar ti=o the surface of a mortar joint after the masonry has been laid,either as a means of finishing the joint or to repair a defective joint.

Poke-through fitting:
An electrical outlet that is installed by drilling a hole through a floor,inserting the outlet from above, and bringing in the wiring from the plenum below.

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A sticky,masticlike tape used to seal nonworking joints, especially beween glass and mullions.

An extremely tough,strong, usually transparent plastic used for window and skylight glazing,loght fixture globes, door sills, and other applications.

A thermoplastic widely used in sheet form for vapor retarders,moisture barriers, and temporary construction coverings.

A large molecule composed of many identical chemial units.

A plastic formed by the polymerization of propylene.

Polystyrene foam:
A thermoplastic foam with thermal insulating properties.

A high-range gunnable sealant.

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Any of a large group of synthetic resins and synthetic rubber compounds used in sealants,varnishes, insulating foams, and roof membranes.

Polurethane foam:
A thermosetting foam with thermal insuating properties.

Polvinyl chloride (PVC):
The thermoplastic material widely used in construction products,including plumbing pipes,floor tiles,wall coverings, and roof membranes. Called "vinyl" for short.

Portal frame:
A rigid frame,two columns and a beam attached to one another with moment connections.

Portland cement:
The gray powder used as the binder in concrete,mortar, and stucco.

The compressing of the concrete in a structural by means of tensioning high-strength steel tendons against it after the concrete has cured.

The cast concrete; an increment of concrete casting carried out without interruption.

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Power coating:
A coating produced by applying a power consisting of thermosetting resins and pigments, adhering it to the substance by electrostatic attraction, and fusing it into a continuous film in an oven.

Inserted by a gunlike tool using energy provided by an exploding charge of gunpowder.

Predecorated gypsum board:
Gypsum board finished at the factory with a decorative layer of paint,paper, or plastic.

Preformed joint filler;
A strip of rubbery or spongelike material desighed to fit snugly into a gap between two materials.

Preformed solid tape sealant:
A sealant inserted into a joint in the form of a flexible tip of solid material.

Prehung door:
A door that is hinged to its frame in a factory or shop.

Prescriptive building code:
A set of legal regulations that mandate specific construction details and practices rather than establish performance standards.

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Pressure-equalization chamber (PEC):
The wind-pressurized cavity in a rainscreen wall.

Pressure-equalized wall designs:
Curtain wall design that utilized the rainsceen principle.

Pressure-treated lumber:
Lumber that has been impregnated with chemicals under pressure, for the purpose of retarding either decay or fire.

Prestressed concrete:
Concrete that has been pretensioned or posttensioned.

Applying an initial compressive stress to a concrete structural member,either by pretensioning or by osttensioning.

The compressing of the concrete in a structural member by pouring the concrete for the member around stretched high-strength steel strands,curing the concrete, and releasing the external tensioning force on the strands.

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Prime window;
A window unit that is to be installed permanently in a building.

Covering a surface with a coating that prepares it to accept another type of coating or a sealant.

Protected memberane roof:
A membrane roof assembly in which the thermal insulation lies above the membrane.

A mtal rod used in working with hot glass.

Bams that span across the slope of a steep roof to support the roof decking.

A simple glazing compound used to seal around a small light.

Polyvinyl chloride.

Pyrolitic coating:
A coating applied at a very high temperature.

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