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Abbreviation for "on Center" meaning that the spacing framing members is measured from the center of the next, rather than the clear spacing between the members.

An S-shaped curve.

Oil-based caulk:
A low-range sealant made with linseed oil.

One-way action:
The structural action of a slab than spans between no parallel beams or bearing walls.

One-way concrete joist system:
A reinforced concrete framing system in which closely spaced concrete joists span between parallel beamns or bearing walls.

One-way solid slab:
A reinforced concrete floor or roof slab that spans between parallel beams or bearing walls.

Open-truss wire stud:
A wall framing member in the form of a small steel truss.

Open-web steel joist:
A prefabricated,welded steel truss used at closely spaced intervals to support floor or roof decking.

Optical-quaility ceramic:
A transparent, glasslike material that is used as a firerated glazing sheet.

Ordinary Construction:
A building type with exterior masonry bearing walls and interior structure of a balloon framing.

Organic soil:
Soil containing decayed vegetable and/or animal matter,topsoil.

Oriented strand board(OSB):
A building panel composed of long sgreds of wood fiber oriented in specific directions and bonded together under pressure.


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