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Nail-base sheathing:
A sheathing material, such as wood boards or plywood, to which siding can be attached by nailing,as differentiated from one such as cane fiber board or plastic foam board that is too soft to hold nails.

Nail popping:
The loosening of nails holding gypsum board to a wall, causd by drying shrinkage of the studs.

Nail set:
A hardend steel punch used to drive the head of a nail to a level below the surface of wood.

Needle beam:
A steel or wood beam threaded through a hole in a bearing wall and used to support the wall and its superimposed loads during underpinning of its foundation.

the use of needle beams.

Polychloroprene, a synthetic rubber.

Noise Reduction coefficient (NRC):
An index of the proportion of incident sound that is absorbed by a surface,expressed as a decimal fraction of 1.

Nominal dimension:
An approximate deimension assigned to a piece of material as a convenience in reffering to the piece.

In a direction not parallel to the long axis of a structural member.

Not carrying a load.
Nonmovement joint:
A connection between materials or elements that is not designed to allow for movement.

The projecting forward edge of a stair tread.

A steel fastener with internal helical threads, used to close a bolt.

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