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A stiff steel core plced inside the thin steel shell of a sitecast concrete pile to prevent it from collapsing during driving.

A roof shaped consisting of two superimposed levels of hip roofs with the lower level at a steeper pitch than the upper.

A metanorphic rock formed from limestone by heat and pressure.

One who builds with bricks,stones, or concrete masonry units, one who works with concrete.

Brickwork, concrete block work, and stonework.

Masonry cement:
Portland cement with dry admixtures designed to increase the workability of mortar.

Masonry opening:
The clear dimension required in a masonry wall for the installation of a specific window or door unit.

Masonry unit:
a brick, stone, concrete block, glass block, or hollow clay tile intended to be laid in mortar.

Masonry veneer:
A single of masonry usd as a facing over a frame of wood or metal.

The copyright title of a uniform indexing system for construction specifications,as ceated by the Construction Specififcations Institute and Construction Specifications Canada.

A viscous, doughlike, adhesive substance; any of a large number of formulations for different purposes such as sealants,adhesives, glazing compounds, or roofing cements.

Mat foundation:
A single concrete footing that is essentially equal in area to the area of ground covered by the building.

Medium-range sealant:
A sealant material that is capable of a moderate degree of elongation befre rupture.

Meeting rail:
Is the wood or metal bar along which one sash of a double-hung, single-hung, or sliding window seals against the other.

An element of structure such as a beam, a girder, a column, or a component of a truss.

A sheet material that is impervious to water or water vapor.

Membrane Fire Portection:
A ceiling used to provide fire protection to the structural members above.

Metal lath:
A steel mesh used primarily as a base for the application of plaster or stucco.

Metamorphic rock:
A rock created by the action of heat or pressure on a sedimentry rock or soil.

Middle strip:
The half-span-wide zone of a two-way concrete slab or plate that lies midway between columns.

Mild steel:
Ordinary structural steel,containing less than three-tenths of 1 perscent carbon.

Mill Construction:
A building type with exterior masonry bearing walls and an interior framework of heavy timbers and solid timber decking.

Shaping or planing by using a rotating cutting tool.

Wood inteior finish components of a building,including moldings,doors,cabinets,stairs, mentels, and the like.

A diagonal cut at the end of a piece; the joint producd by joining two diagonally cut pieces at right angles.

Mobile home:
Eurhemism for a portable house that is entirely factory built on a steel underframe supported by wheels.

Model building code:
A code that is offfered by a recognized natioal organization as worthy of adoption by state or local governments.

Modified bitumen:
A national bitumen with admixtures of synthetic compounds to enhance such properties as flexibility,plasticity, and durability.

conforming to a multiple of fixed dimension.

Modular home:
Eurhemism for a house assembled on the site from two or more boxlike factory-built sections.

Modulus of elasticity:
An index of the stiffness of a material,derived by measuring the elastic deformation of the material as it is placed under stresss, and then dividing the stress by the deformation.

Moisture barrier:
A membrane used to prevent the migration of liquid water through a floor or wall.

A strip of wood,plastic, or plaster with an ornamental profile.

Molding plaster:
A fast-setting gypsum plaster usedfor the manufacture of cast ornament.

A twisting action, a torque, a force acting at a distance from a point in a structure so as to cause tendency of the structure to rotate about that point.

Moment connection:
A connection between two structural members that is highly resistant to rotation between the members, as differentiated from a shear connection which allows rotation.

The energy possessed by a moving body.

Of a single massive piece.

Monolithic terrazzo:
A thin terrazzo topping applied to a concrete slab without an underbed.

A substance used to join masonry units,consisting ofcementitious materials , fine aggregate, and water.

A joint in which a tonguelike protrusion (tenon) n the end of one piece is tightly fitted into a rectangular slot (mortise) in the side of the other peice.

Movement joint:
A line or plane along which movement is allowed to take place in a building or a surface of a building in response to such forces as moisture expansion and contraction,foundation settling, and seismic forces.

Megapascal, a unit of pressureor stress equal to 1 meganewton per square meter.

Mud slab:
A slab of weak concrete placed directly on the ground to provide a temporary working surface that is hard, level, and dry.

A vertical or horizontal bar between adjacent window or door units. A framing member in a metal-and-glass curtain wall.

A small vertical or horizontal bar between small lights and glass in a sash.

Muriatic acid:
Hydrocholoric acid.

Mushroom capital:
A flaring,conical head on a concrete column.

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