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I-beam:(obsolete term)
An American Standard section of hot-rolled steel.

Ice Dam:
An obstruction along the eave of a roof caused by the refreezing snow water emanating from melting snow on the roof surface above.

Igneous Rock:
Rock formed by the solidification of magma.

A manufactured wood framing member whose cross-sectional shape resembles the letter I.

Impact Insulation Class (IIC):
An index of the extent to which a floor assembly transmits impact noise from a room above to the room below.

Impact noise:
Noise generated by footsteps or other impacts on a floor.

Impact Wrench:
A device for tightening bolts and nuts by means of rapidly repeated torque impulses produced by electrical or pneumatic energy.

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A large block of cast metal.

Insulating Glass:
Double or triple glazing.

Internal Drainage:
Providing a curtain wall with hidden channels and weep holes to remove any water that may penetrate the exterior layers of the wall.

Intersitial Ceiling:
A suspended ceiling with sufficient structural strength to support workers safely as they install and maintain mechanical and electrical installations above the ceiling.

The concave surface of an arch.

Intumescent Coating:
A paint or mastic that expands to form a stable,insulating char when exposed to fire.

Inverted Roof:
A membrane roof assembly in which the thermal insulation lies above the membrane.

In pure form, a metallic element. In common usage, ferrous alloys other than steel,including cast iron and wrought iron.

Iron Dog:
A heavy U-shaped staple used to tie the ends of heavy timbers together.

A skilled laborer who erects steel building frames or places reinforcing bars in concrete construction.

Isocyanurate Foam:
A thermosetting plastic foam with thermal insulating properties.

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