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The company that prepares structural seel members for erection.

An exterior face of a building.

Face Brick:
A brick selected on a basis of appearance and durability for use in the exposed surface of a wall.

Face Nail:
A nail driven through the side of one woodmember into the side of another.

Face Shell:
The portion of a hollow concrete masonry unit that forms the face of the wall.

A temperatue scale on which the boiling point of water is fixed at 212 degrees and the freezing point at 32.

A semicircular or semielliptical window above an entrance door, often with radiating muntins that resemble a fan.

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The exposed vertical face of an eave.

A thin,flexible sheet material made of soft fibers pressed and bonded together. In building practice, a thick paper or a sheet of glass or plastic fibers.

Fibrous Admixture:
Short fibers of glass,steel,or polypropylene mixed into concrete to act as reinforcement against elastic shrinkage cracking.

Rough building stone gathered from river beds and fields.

The surface pattern of the grain of a piece of smoothly finished wood or stone.

A rounded inside intersection between two surfaces that meet at an angle.

Fillet Weld:
A weld at the inside intersection of two metal surfaces that meet at an angle.

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Finger Joint:
A glued end connection between two pieces of wood,using an interlocking pattern of deeply cut "fingers". A finger joint creates a large surface for the glue bond,allowing it to develop the full tensile strength of wood that it connects.

An ornament at the top of a roof or spire.

Exposed to view;matrial that is exposed to view.

Finish Carpenter:
One who does finish carpentry.

Finish Carpentry:
The wood components exposed to view in the interior of the building,such as window ad door casings,baseboards,bookshelves, and the like.

Finish Coat:
The final coat of plaster.

Finish Floor:
The floor material exposed to view,asdifferentiated from the subfloor,which is the loadbearing floor surface beneath.

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Finish Lime:
A fine grade of hydrated lime used in finish coats of plaster and in ornamental plaster work.

A brick made from special clays to wishstand very high temperatures,as in a fireplace,furnace, or industrial chimney.

A sloping end cut on a wood beam or joist where it enters a masonry wall.The purpose of a firecut is to allow the wood member to rotate out of the wall without prying the wall apart, if the floor or roof structure should burn through in a fire.

Material used around a steel structural element to insulate it against excessive temperatures in case of a fire.

Fire-rated Glass:
Glass that is capable of retaining its integrity in an opening after being exposed to fire.

Fire Resistance Rating:
The time,in hours or fractions of an hour, that a material or assembly will resist fire exposue as determined by ASTM E119.

Fire Resistant:
Noncombustible; slow to be damaged by fire; forming a barrier to the passage of fire.

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Fire Seperation Wall:
A wall required under a building code to divide two parts of a building from one another as a deterrent to spread of fire.

A wood or masonry baffle usd to close an opening between studs or joints in a balloon or platform frame in order to retard the spread of fire through the opening.

A component or mastic installed in an opening through a floor or around the edge of a floor retard the passage of fire.

Fire Wall:
A wall extending from foundation to roof, required under a building code to seperate two parts of a building from one another as deterrent to the spread of fire.

Fire Zone:
A legally designated area of a city in which construction must meet established standards of fire resistance and/or combustibility.

The process of converting dry clay or shale into a ceramic material through the application of intense heat.

First Cost:
The ost of construction.

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Fixed Window:
Glass that is immovably mounted in a wall.

Flat stones used for paving or flooring.

Flame Spread Rating:
A measure of the rapidity with which fire will spread across the surface of a material as determined by ASTM E84.

A projecting crosspiece of a wide-flange or channel profile;a projecting fin.

Flash Cove:
A detail in which a sheet of resilient flooring is turned up at he edge and finished against the wall to create an integral baseboard.

A thin, continuous sheet of metal,plastic,rubber or waterproof paper used to prevent the passage of water through a joint in a wall, roof or chimney.

Flat Seam:
A sheet metal roofing seam that is formed flat against the surface of the roof.

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Flemish Bond:
Brickwork laid with each course consisting of alternating headers and stretchers.

Flitch-liced Veneer:
A thin sheet of wood cut by passing a block of wood vertically against a long,sharp knife.

A small platform suspended on ropes from a steel building frame to permit ironworkers to work on a connection; a trowel with a slightly rough surface used in a intermediate stage of finishing a concrete slab as a verb, to use float for finishing concrete.

Float Glass:
Glass sheet manufactured by cooling a layer of liquid glass on a bath of molten tin.

A "fluffy" microstructure of clay particles in which the platelets are randomly oriented.

A passage for smoke and combustion products from a furnace,stove,water heater, or fireplace.

Fluid-applied Roof Membrane:
A roof membrane applied in one or more coats of a liquid that cure to form an inpervious sheet.

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A highly stable organic compound used as a finish coating for building cladding.

Smooth,lying in a single plane.

Flush Door:
A door with smooth,planar faces.

A material added to react chemically with impurities and remove them from molten metal.Fluxes are used both in steel making and in welding. Welding fluxes serve the additional purpose of shielding the molten weld metal from the air to reduce oxidation and other undesirable effects.

Fly Ash:
A waste product of coal-fired power plants,used as a concrete admixture.

Flying formwork:
Large sections of slab formwork that are moved by cranes.

Fly Rafter:
A rafter in a rake overhang.

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Foil-backed Gypsum Board:
Gypsum board with aluminum foil laminated to its back surface to act as a vapor retader and thermal insulator.

Folded Plate:
A roof structure whose strength and stiffness derive from a pleated or folded geometry.

The widened part of a foundation that spreads a load from the building across a broader area of soil.

Form Deck:
Thin, corrugated steel sheets that serve as permanent formwork for a reinforced concrete deck.

Form-release Compound:
A substance applied to concrete formwork to prevent concret from adhering.

Form Tie:
A steel or plastic with fasteners on each end, used to hold together the two surfaces of formwork for a concrete wall.

Temporary structures of wood,steel, or plastic that serve to give shape to poured concrete, and to support it and keep it moist as it cures.

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The portion of a building that has the sole purpose of transmitting structural loads from the building into the earth.

Framed Connection:
A shear connection between steel members made by means of steel angles or plates connecting to the web of the beam or girder.

Framing Plan:
A diagram showing the arrangement and sizes of the structural members in a floor or roof.

Fine-grained sedimentary rock that has no planes of cleavage or sedimentation along which it is likely to split.

French Door:
A symmetrical pair of glazed doors hinged to the jambs of a single frame and meeting at the center of the opening.

Frictional Soil:
A soil such as sand that has little or no attraction between its particles, and derives its strength from geometric interlocking of the particles; a noncohesive soil.

Friction Connection:
Two or more strutural steel members clamped together by high-strength bolts with sufficient force that the loads on the members are transmitted between them by friction along their mating surfaces.

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Ground-up colored glass that is heat-fused to lights of glass to form functional or decorative patterns.

Frost Line:
The depth in the earth to which the soil can be expected to freeze during a severe winter.

Fuel Contributed Rating:
A measure of the extent to which a building material will provide additional energy to a fire.

Furring Channel:
A formed sheet metal furing strip.

Furring Strip:
A length of wood or metal attached to a masonry or concrete wall to permit the attachment of finsh materials to the wall using screws or nails.

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