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Backer rod
A flexible, compressible strip of plastic foam inserted into a joint to limit the depth to which sealant can penetrate

Earth or earthen material used to fill the excavation around a foundation; the art of filling round a foundation.

Backup, Backup wall
A vertical plane of masonry, concerte, or framing used to support a thin face such as a single wythe of brickwork

Backup bar
A small rectangle strip of steel applied beneath a joint to provide a solid base for begining a weld between two steel structural members.

A heavy material installed over a roof membrane to prevent wind uplift and shield the membrane from sunlight

Balloon frame
A wooden building frame composed of closely spaced members nominally 2" in thickness, in which the wall members are single pieces that run from the sill to the top plate at the eave

A small, vertical member that serves to fill the opening between a handrail and a stair or floor

Band joist
A wooden joist running perpendicular to the primary direction of the joist in the primary direction of the joist in a floor and closing off the floor platform at the outside face of the building

A small rolled steel shape, usually round or rectangle in cross section; a rolled steel shape used for reinforcing concrete.

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Barrel shell
A scalloped roof structure of reinforced concrete that spans in one direction as a barrel vault and in the other as a folder plate

Barrel vault shell
A segment of a cylindrical surface that spans as an arch.

Barrie wall
An exterior wall of a building whose watertightness depends on its freedom from passage through the wall

A strip of finish material placed at the junctioin of a floor and a wall to create a neat intersection and to protect the wall against damage from feet, furniture, and floor-cleaning equipment.

A steel plate inserted between a column and a foundation to spead the concentrate load of the column across a larger area of the foundation

A strip of wood or metal used to cover the crack between two adjoining board or panels.

Batten seam
A seam in a sheet metal roof that encloses a wood batten.

A rectangle area of a building defined by four adjacent columns; a portion of a building that projects beyond the facade.

A narrow line of weld metal or sealant; a strip of metal or wood used to hold a sheet of glass in place; a narrow, convex molding profile; a metal edge or corner accessory for plaster

A straight structural member, usually horizontal that acts primarily to resist nonaxial loads.

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A point at which one building element rests upon another

Bearing Block
A piece of wood fastened to a column to provide support for a beam or girder.

Bearing Pad
A block of plastic or synthetic rubber used to cushion the point at which on precast concrete element rests upon another.

Bed joint
The horizontal layer of mortar beaneath a masonry unit.

A solid stratum of rock.

Bending moment
The moment that cause a beam or other structural member to bend.

Bending Stress
A compressive or tensile stress resulting from the application of nonaxial force to a structural member

A plane of framing consisting of beams and columns joined together,often with rigid joints.

Bentonite clay
An absorptive, colloidal clay that swells to several times its dry volume when saturated with water.

An end or edge that is cut at an angle other than a right angle.

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An end or edge that is cut at an angle other than right angle.

Bevel siding
Wood cladding board that taper in cross section.

A large cylinder or rectangluar solid of material

The depth to which the edge of a piece of glass is held by its frame

A tarry mixture of hydrocarbonates, such as asphalt or coal tar.

Blast furnace slag
A byproduct of iron manufacture used as a concrete admixture.

Blind nailing
Attaching board to a frame, sheathing, or subflooring with toe nails driven through the edge of each piece so as to be completely concealed by the adjoining piece.

Piece of wood inserted tightly beween joist, studs, or rafters in a building frame to stabilize the structure, inhabit the passage of fire, provide a nailing surface for finish material, or retain insulation

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A rectanglar solid of steel formed from an ingot as an intermediate step in creating rolling steel structural shapes.

Blooming mill
A set of rollers used to transform an ingot into a bloom

A sandstone that is gray to blue-gray in colour and splits readyly into thin slabs.

Board Foot
A unit of lumber volume, a rectangluar solid nominally 12 square inches in cross-dimensional area and 1 foot long

Board siding
Wood cladding made up of board, as differentiated from shingles or manufactured wood panels.

Building Officials and Code Adminstrators International Inc., an organization that publishes a model building code.

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A long chair used to suppourt reinforce bars in a concrete slab.

A fastener consisting of a cylindrical metal body with a head at one end and a helical thread at the other, intented to be inserted through holes in adjoining pieces of material and closed with a threaded nut.

In masonry, the adhesive force between mortar and masonry units, or the pattern in which masonry units are laid to tie two or more wythes together into a structural unit. In reinforced concrete, the adhersion between the surface of a reinforceing bar and the surrounding concrete.

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Bond Breaker
A strip of material to which sealant does not adhere.

Bonded posstensioning
A system of pre-stressing in which the tendors are grouted after stressing, so as to bond them to the surrounding concrete.

Bonding Terrazzo
Terrazzo flooring whose underbed is poured directly upon the structural floor.

Bottom bar
The reinforcing bars that lie close to the bottom of a beam or slab.

Box beam
A bending member of metal or plywood whose cross section resembles a closed rectangular box.

Box girder
A major spanning member of concrete or steel whose cross section is a hollow rectangular or trapezoid.

Diagonal members, either temporary or permanent, installed to stabilize a structure against rectanglar or trapezoid

A smal finishing nail.

Bracing or blocking installed between steel or wood joist at midspan to stabilize them against buckling and, in some cases, to permit adjacent joist to share loads.

British thermal units
The quantity of heat required to raise 1 pound of water 1 degree Fahrenheit.

Broom finish
A skid-resistant texture imparted to an uncured concrete surface by dragging a stif-bristled broom across it.

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Brown coat
The second coat of plaster in a three-coat application.

A brownish or reddish sandstone.

Structure failure by gross lateral deflection of a slender element under compressive stress, such as the sideward buckling of a long, slender column or the upper edge of a long, thin floor joist.

Building Code
A set of legal restrictions intented to assure a minimum standard of health and safty in building.

Building separation joint
A plane along which a building is divided into separated structure that may move independently of one another.

Built up roof
A roof membrane laminated from layers of asphalt saturated felt or other fabric, bonded together with bitumen or pitch.

The thinker end, such as the lower edge of a wood shingle or the lower end of a wood shingle or the lower end of a tree trunk; a joint between square edged pieces of metal that lie in the same plane; a type of door hinge that attaches to the edge of the door.

Butt-joint glazing
A type of glasing installation in which the vertical joints between lights of glass do not meet at a mullion but are made weathertight with sealant.

Button head
A smooth, convex bolt head with no provision for engaging a wrench.

A structural device of masonry or concrete that resist the diagonal forces from an arch or vault.

Butyl rubber
A synthetic rubber compound.

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